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We specialize in replacing pneumatic tires with Flat-Free tires and combining them with heavy duty rims and hubs.

We also realize the need for pneumatic tires and offer a variety of tubed and tubeless assemblies.

OEM wheel assemblies.





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Flat Free Tires
Replacement Wheels for Commercial Lawn Equipment- Custom Heavy Duty Wheel, Rim and Tire Assemblies- Ship Anywhere
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                                      Bearing Configurations Available:

             3/4" - 5/8" - 1/2" For Light Duty to Medium Duty Applications.

Open Caged Roller Bearings and Tapered Roller Bearings for Heavy Duty                                                       Applications.

                         Custom bearings available for other applications



          4.10-3.50X4 Zig Zag Tread                         9-3.50X4 Mower Smooth

            4.10-3.50X4 Smooth Tread                       8X3.00-4 Mower Smooth