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We specialize in replacing pneumatic tires with Flat-Free tires and combining them with heavy duty rims and hubs.

We also realize the need for pneumatic tires and offer a variety of tubed and tubeless assemblies.

OEM wheel assemblies.





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Flat Free Tires
Replacement Wheels for Commercial Lawn Equipment- Custom Heavy Duty Wheel, Rim and Tire Assemblies- Ship Anywhere
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United Wheel and Hub, LLC has a proven track record of manufacturing excellence by supplying top quality Flat Free and Pneumatic wheel assemblies to premier OEM's. Our manufacturing facility in the USA permits us to build wheel assemblies one at a time or thousands at a time. Our reliable on time delivery and heavy duty construction make us the easy choice for your wheel needs.

Manufacturers,Home owners, golf courses, institutions, and municipalities have found we can solve their wheel problems.

We provide replacement wheel assemblies for:
commercial law mowers,golf carts, wheel barrows, garden tractor tires – anywhere where heavy duty wheel hub assemblies are required. Bearings of all description can be selected along with the tire of your choice mounted on our heavy steel rims and thick steel hubs provide the trouble free wheel you need. If you need replacement wheels, tires and hubs, call us!